Even if you don't have any big plans for kicking-off 2021, please join us spreading good HOPES & WISHES for 2021!
Tedescos Italian Fresh
We are more than happy to reach the end of this trying year. Tedescos is fortunate to have survived. We are so grateful for the support and kindness of our customers and the community. Thank you! We hope for a brighter 2021.
We are offering some New Year specials, take out, of course.
Please order online or call 360-504-3821
Outside Dining at the Sea Glass Grill
At the Westport Winery Garden Resortwe are fortunate to have a huge patio where we installed a jumbo tent complete with propane heaters so that we can continue to offer our guests the opportunity to dine at the Sea Glass Grill. We continue to provide indoor shopping and look forward to the day we can return to indoor dining..
Westport Winery
Toast The New Year with Finnriver
Toast to the possibilities and potential of the New Year with this set of delightful Finnriver items to celebrate the turning earth and the returning light! We imagine you lighting the lovely beeswax candle, pouring yourself and a beloved glass of this golden sparkling cider into our logo glassware, and getting your favorite pen ready to write intentions on this handmade seed-infused stationary. The next day you can plant your intentions, literally, in the ground!
Toast the New Year
If you could put 2020 in a bottle what would that brew be?
COVID-19's challenges wrought upon 2020 were given a smoke-filled exclamation point when most of this past falls harvest was covered in a thick blanket of wildfire smoke throughout the entire West.
So, with plenty of previous years of wine still aging well in the Olympic Winery Cellar barrels, we decided to pass on the 2020 harvest.
Instead, we’re opening the “library” to bring you many familiar, along with some rediscovered old favorites.
Drink Olympic Cellars Winery
Every gift given, can be a gift given twice
Show WA love this New Years by purchasing a gift card today for a - future - favorite Olympic Peninsula dining activity or for planning a safe outdoor experience.
Purchasing a gift card now can be a gift to both your loved ones, once we are able to again dine with full service. We already have lots of hungry "Taste Tourist" holding their's for late spring/summer. Perfect! And thank you for understanding. We will make it through this pandemic with your help, support, and understanding. 
Every gift given, can be a gift given twice.
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Build Your Own Plate with Nourish Sequim
Happiness and health to you and yours in the year ahead! Nourish Sequim
Order Nourish Online
Sailing into 2021!
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Hope-filled New Year!
From the Ajax Cafe Crew Hoping to back together and celebrating with you soon!
Ajax Cafe
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